Friday, December 31, 2010

Signing off...

It's the last day of the year....adios 2010. For me, that means that the school year is over, my Historic Preservation degree is completed, and I'm headed to Kansas City to start the new job.

Because I already have a B.A. degree, many of the credits transferred over to my preservation studies. That means I was able to complete the Associates degree in only 3 semesters (including an intense internship in the summer). And since I am no longer a student of Colorado Mountain College- this blog will be placed in the archives. Makes me kind of sad really.

Though this blog was short lived, I think I was able to cover a lot of information about a large realm of preservation related activities and ideas. This was a good exercise for me- challenging me think about the important and relevant preservation topics I was exposed to, and sometimes searching for new ones.

I hope my readers learned a few things or at least found themselves thinking about things they normally would not have. Most of all, I hope that this blog helped readers to gain a new appreciation for preservation, and think about how crucially important it is to our world.

It's been fun writing, and now it's time to hang it up. I hope another preservation student will pick up where I leave off, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. Be sure to check in with Urban Ranger Corps often. I hope to have a new blog for my work with them.

If I don't see you there, thanks for reading! It's been fun getting responses and challenging my own viewpoints. Keep on Preserving!

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  1. CC- It was fun having you in the week long CAR170 class Summer 09 and watching you develop your HP skills at the weekend in Lake City, CO this past summer. I'm so glad you made it thru the CMC HP Director change-over mess. And, I trust you got the couple of parts/tools to the skill saw Pam Watson gave you ... I left them w/Mary Laing. And yes, I'll be sure to click on Urban Ranger Corps. If that organization needs a Historical Architect, please contact me for those services.

    Best Regards,